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These wonderfully weird websites will help you kill time

These wonderfully weird websites will help you kill time

It’s 10 in the evening and after a long day out in the real world, you’re finally in bed. What’s the first thing you do? You pull out your phone or your laptop and browse the internet. Why you do it, you’re not quite sure. The internet is just how you unwind now, but you’re also bored of the same old social media feeds. Where’s the weird internet you grew up with in the early 2000s?

We feel you. The Twitter games and Facebook memes are fun, but the internet has so much crazier places you can explore. If you’re up for a little cyber-adventure, enter the rabbit hole through these sites. Stay safe and have fun on the ‘net, kid!

Play Retro Games

If the nostalgia factor’s all you want, then this is the ultimate throwback website. Play Retro Games is just that—a retro game console simulator. They have all the greats from the OG Atari all the way to the PlayStation 1. Remember that one level you couldn’t beat on Crash Bandicoot? You can finally take the victory you’ve always wanted.


Hot take: Staring off into space is one of the most luxurious pastimes you could have. If you’re into this kind of R&R, you need to know about Zoomquilt. It’s basically nothing but an endless zoom into a really trippy photo. Each zone that you reach is beautifully illustrated with tiny details that you notice after each zoom.

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MyNoise is a huge collection of ambient noise that lets you drown out the world. If you want to just be alone with your thoughts, you want to calm down or fall asleep in your all-too-quiet room, you’ll probably find the perfect background noise here to do just that. The site has your standard white noise and thunderstorm sounds to weirder ones like a dragon sleeping, if you’re about that Daenerys fantasy.


Think of this website as the opposite of your Top 40 Hits. You’ll be presented with a world map where you can pick a country, era and tempo and it’ll generate a song for you. Have you ever heard a slow, 1940s song from Kazakhstan before? Me neither. It’s a fun and surprisingly educational sonic journey.

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Drive Me Insane

Does this website make sense? Not much. Is it fascinating? Absolutely. Drive Me Insane is a site where you can flick the lights on and off at a stranger’s office. Think that Big Bang Theory episode where the guys let the internet have a light switch to their apartment. You can play with four lamps and a plasma and disco ball at the creator’s home while you watch on a webcam. Yes, it’s admittedly a tad bit creepy, but as long as it’s fine with the creator, it’s okay with us. If that’s too peculiar for you, the creator’s answers on the Why? and FAQ tabs are also pretty entertaining.

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