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Everything you need to know about the Sunnies Face launch

Everything you need to know about the Sunnies Face launch

With the buzz all over social media, Sunnies Face is probably the first thing you see on your timeline for consecutive weeks now. The people behind Sunnies Face–Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom, Bea Soriano-Dee and Eric Dee—finally launched the makeup line today (Aug 8). We listed down everything you have to know about the much-anticipated Sunnies Face Launch.

The lipstick collection comes in nine shades.

During their opening speech, the girls reassured the audience that each shade is perfect for every skin tone. “No one was safe,” they said as they tested the shades on their moms, their siblings, their partners, and even on the masseuses. Ranging from dark to light, you get to choose which shade of perfection you’d want for the day.

Each product aims for quality without breaking the bank.

In making the collection, the girls (and boy) behind Sunnies Face aimed for the collection to be inclusive. They reiterated “What’s a good formula if it’s not for everyone?”

So they collaborated with Italy-based top manufacturers who make well-known makeup brands. They curated what they think are the best makeup formulas in high hopes that the rest of the world love it too. On top of that, it’s animal cruelty-free and paraben-free. You’re probably wondering how much you have to pay for a single lipstick. It comes at an affordable price of P345. Not bad, right?

Fluffmatte is the new cool.

In making a new formula, they wanted a wearable and well-balanced game-changer in the makeup industry. They came up with Fluffmatte, which is the perfect combination of matte but never drying. It is smooth and super pigmented while comfortable. Trust, we’ve tried it ourselves.

They plan to launch two stores in Manila.

So where do you get it? There are currently two Sunnies Face stores in Manila located in Glorietta and UP Town soon to be open on Aug. 10. It’s also available online via Lazada. When asked whether they are aiming for hundreds of stores, like that of Sunnies Studios, the answer was a definite yes. The people behind Sunnies Face are also planning to launch more collections other than lipstick; It’s called Sunnies Face for a reason.

It’s birthed from perfectionist, color-obsessed parents.

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Sunnies Face didn’t happen overnight. They delayed the launch month after month because they wanted perfection and no compromises. It comes down to the littlest details of the color and packaging.

“We mixed together our favorite shades, even if it means getting them out of a tiny tube. We used a petri dish to combine and create the perfect colors,” the girls shared. The facade had to be perfect too. It comes in an obsessing washed-white minimalist but the vintage packaging. It’s to no doubt that they put their heart and soul in this makeup launch.

Feature image from Sunnies Face
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