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Jess Connelly’s listening party for “JCON” was intimate and heartwarming

Jess Connelly’s listening party for “JCON” was intimate and heartwarming

JCON is great. It has a consistent sound–one that reminds us of confident affection and intimate longing. Her mood-driven R&B positions itself in, while also slowly developing into something more mature, and in a way authoritative of the elements that make her sound.


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It helps that for her mixtape listening party last August 21 at XX XX, the mood was all set: Candles, a distinct red hue in all directions, mist resting on our feet, and an endless serving of cocktails. There were exclusive printed tees and a printed booklet (zine?). From Lustbass, CRWN, and Butta B spinning to Jess taking the microphone to introduce each individual track in the mixtape, the energy of the room was cool. Everyone in the event looked like they wanted to be there. The whole thing—each element in the party—was crafty, intentional, and not at all surprising coming from someone who’s bided her time on her mixtape. Seeing her with the people who worked on her album, her circle, vibing on stage while the music played felt like a proud moment.

Jess Connelly is clearly doing something right, and we’re not just talking about the mixtape, the mixtape party, nor the promotions. We’re talking about the whole thing; artists being in charge of the entire process of their music. It’s not original, but it sure is rewarding, especially when the vision is clear.

Get the chance to listen to JCON Aug. 24.

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