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Here we go again: A ‘Pokémon’ live-action series is in the works

Here we go again: A ‘Pokémon’ live-action series is in the works

Live-action animes are still a thing, so it seems. In the midst of us crying over “Death Note,” the next one to jump from 2D animation to CGI-infested reality is here, and it’s none other than—drumroll please—“Pokémon.”

According to Variety, a live-action series of the anime giant is in its early development stages over at Netflix. There are no full details as of writing yet, but its sources say that “Lucifer” co-showrunner Joe Henderson will helm the “Pokémon” adaptation as a writer and executive producer.

The potential “Pokémon” live-action series comes in the wake of the 2019 Ryan Reynolds-starring film “Detective Pikachu.” While actor Justice Smith claims that the film’s sequel has long been scrapped, fans can rest assured that they’ll get their Pokémon CGI fix with the upcoming series, which will be reportedly similar to the blockbuster film in style.

This isn’t the only live-action anime series that’s in the cards, with an IRL “Yu Yu Hakusho” (a.k.a. “Ghost Fighter”) and a Hollywood version of “One Punch Man” coming soon. With our tumultuous love-hate-mostly-hate relationship with live-action remakes, we can only hope that “Pokémon” doesn’t land in the hall of infamy right next to “Death Note” and “Dragonball Evolution.” (Shudder.)

Elsewhere in the “Pokémon” ’verse, you can now sleep inside Gengar’s mouth. Thanks, science.

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