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Finally, we can watch Liway in cinemas nationwide

Want to know why Liway got a long standing ovation in its gala night? Well, this news will appease everyone’s curiosity on Kip Oebanda’s true to life piece. Fresh out of this year’s Cinemalaya circuit, Liway will have its nationwide release next week.

Starting today, Oct. 10, selected cinemas will show the film in time to get paranoid government officials shaking and critical thinkers out there thriving. Liway is based on the director’s childhood with his mother, the anti-Marcos activist Cecilia Flores-Oebenda a.k.a. Commander Liway. It earned instant critical acclaim as viewers from its gala night stood up and applauded the film.

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Liway stars Glaiza De Castro as Commander Liway, Kenken Nuyad as Dakip, and Dominic Roco as Commander Toto. The film won multiple awards in Cinemalaya namely the Audience Award, Special Jury Prize, and Special Jury Commendation. But its impact goes beyond those accolades.

Reports of audiences chanting the film’s Martial Law era chants in screenings and in actual protests made rounds in social media. Without a doubt, it empowers people to resist the Draconian rule we’re in today. It parallels these dark times and its message conveys resilience even when the struggle gets difficult.

Art has a way to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. Liway is a film that’s successful in that aspect for sure. Get a chance to catch this one of a kind and timely film in selected cinemas below.

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