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The Lazy Oaf x Daria collab makes our inner ’90s teen swoon


We’re still swooning over the Kita x Lazy collaboration from last June, but we’re already preparing ourselves for our latest obsession. Lazy Oaf just dropped their collab with everyone’s favorite misanthrope Daria Morgendorffer.

A few days ago, the London-based label posted their lookbook for their Daria line. They reenacted some scenes from this ’90s classic with their models serving us angst inspired by Daria and Jane. Safe to say, even Daria’s preppy sister Quinn would be dying to cop these looks.

The collection has a wide range of selection. They have enamel pins, an “I hate everybody” cardigan, and of course, the Sick Sad World sweater that looks killer with plaid skirt and round glasses. Lazy Oaf’s collection is for every introverted girl who rolls their eyes constantly on the sight of misogyny and intolerable stupidity.

Whether you’re a fan of the ’90s MTV classic or just your average nostalgia buff, the collection has a bit of everything for everyone. That within itself is contradictory with Daria’s point of view in life. But hey, a look is a look and this collection nailed it.

Photos from Lazy Oaf



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