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(((O)))’s latest track schools us on personal growth


We haven’t heard from (((O))) fka June Marieezy in a while. But surprise, surprise, our local nu-soul enigma is back with her latest track “YuYu.” And it’s her most personal release up-to-date.

(((O))) dropped “YuYu” in her Youtube account yesterday without any elaborate announcement from social media channels. The video is a compilation of day-in-a-life footage throughout the months she’s been M.I.A from the music scene. Contrary to her previous “moondrop” release with FKJ last year, this fresh drop is a certified (((O))) special. She crafted everything from the words to the beats of her track.

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The single is a statement to her fans and a mental note to herself on who she is now. It’s induced with lyrics and visuals containing answers on where she’d been all this time and where she’s heading. And the core answer is, it’s nobody’s business but hers.

“Yuyu” reveals (((O)))’s internal struggle with facing her future as an artist. She even stated that she didn’t want to sing in this track, but wanted to focus more on producing it instead. In this track, (((O)))) takes us to the familiar feeling of self-doubt. And her answer to defeating that doubt is to let go of the ego and let personal growth happen.

Whether this signifies her definite comeback to the scene or just an act of putting her craft out there, “YuYu” puts high regard on self-expression and self-care. As a line from the track goes, “You’re right about this/it’s about where yu at.”

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