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Instead of gifts, why not donate to these animal shelters this Christmas?


Coming in to the office every day isn’t the most fun activity on earth. I just drag myself out of my bed and tell myself that the daily grind is what it is. Sometimes, the thought of free pantry snacks and air conditioning is enough to make the trip worthwhile, but one of my favorite things about coming in to the office is saying hi to Potchie.

Potchie is our group publisher’s very sweet and EXTREMELY fluffy Chow-chow. He’s a year and a half years-old, and looks like a caramel colored cloud that trots around the office. Heart-melting, I know.

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Not to be dramatic, but I’d take a bullet for Potchie. He’s an absolute sweetheart, and deserves all the best this Christmas. Potchie has survived because of the kind acts of people like Carina Suarez, a dog lover like us who houses rescue dogs and saves them from the worst possible situations, all out of the goodness of her heart. People like Carina are modern-day heroes in our book, and we’re thinking that for this Christmas, it’d be nice to ditch the shopping list and lend a hand to these people instead. Sharing is caring, after all.

MBY Pet Rescue and Sanctuary

MBY is an animal shelter (and an actual godsend) in Morong, Rizal that houses neglected cats and dogs alike. Their shelter has housed around 600 fur babies at a time at one point, so they could definitely use all the help they can get. Drop them a message at their page if you want to visit the dogs or help out with food and supplies. Here’s the details if you’d like to donate in cash or send over some treats.

Marita B. Yasuda

BDO Account: 0066-3021-5825

Metrobank Account: 402-3402-24461-6

Paypal: [email protected]

You can find them a 113 Pantay St. Sitio Talaga, Barangay Maybancal, Morong, Rizal.

Save the Laguna Pitbulls Sanctuary

There’s a terrible misconception that Pitts are mean. I can’t say much about Brad because I don’t know the guy, but if it’s pitbulls we’re talking about, I’m here to vouch that they’re just as lovable as any other breed.

The stigma has gotten so bad that pitbulls are purposefully abandoned and neglected just because of having a “mean face.” We’re here to tell you not to judge a dog by it’s teeth! Drop by the Laguna Pitbulls Sanctuary and volunteer to take a pitbull out for a walk, and you’ll probably be stopping yourself from taking one home.

Animal Rescue Family (A.R.F.)

A.R.F. is a 4-strong volunteer team based in Taguig. Aside from housing stray dogs and cats, they lobby for responsible animal welfare fund raising and isn’t afraid to take it a step further to investigate and take legal action on animal neglect claims. You go, A.R.F.

If you’re down to help out and have some skills to share, peep the volunteer roles they’re looking for below.

Carina Suarez

Carina is the owner of Mugen Pomeranians, which probably means she lives and breathes everything dogs. She’s also a foster mom to a houseful of rescues, and gives homes to pups like Potchie whom she found abandoned and suffering from cherry eyes, a plethora of fractures, mange, and infection. People would probably cross the street to avoid him. Not Carina, though, who went out of her way to nurture him back to health and happiness.

She’s set to open a full-fledged shelter by the start of next year for her dogs, so they’d have a little haven to roam and play in. If you’re interested to chip in and help her and dogs like Potchie out, here’s their donation details:




by Giselle Barrientos, Art by Renz Reyes

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