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SexBomb Girls a.k.a. the best girl group needs new dancers

SexBomb Girls a.k.a. the best girl group needs new dancers

Not only is our iconic childhood favorite girl group trying to make a comeback in our lives–they also want us to be part of them for real. Noontime show dancers-turned-multimedia stars SexBomb Girls announced on their Instagram page on Jan. 5 that they’re on the lookout for new additions to their team.

What does it take to be a SexBomb Girl? Before deciding to quit that day job and pursue that childhood dream of dancing to “Halukay Ube,” “Bakit Papa?,” and birthday party anthem “Spaghetti Song” on national television instead, make sure to check the qualifications first.

They will only entertain applicants aged 15 to 20 years old, and with no existing contract under other management. If qualified to be an apprentice, you must be willing to attend regular dance trainings as SexBomb scholars.

If you think you fit the bill, prepare a photocopy of your birth certificate, a valid ID (SSS/TIN/Driver’s License/School ID), a one-minute audition routine, and a letter of parental consent if you’re a minor.

It’s now or never for the SexBomb fans and Daisy Siete buffs–this will be their only auditions for 2019. So if your new year’s resolution is to face your fears by trying something new, or maybe become Rochelle or Jopay in your next life, head over to SB NewGen Studio along Kamias Road in Quezon City on Jan. 26 or Jun. 29, 2019.


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