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This new chicken skin snack can be your binge-watching buddy

This new chicken skin snack can be your binge-watching buddy

From being freshly cooked by sidewalk vendors to finding its way into colorful ziplocked packaging, the chicken skin has gone through many transformations as one of our favorite local snacks. We’re not mad though. We love chicken skin always, in all ways. That includes this new version by Frabelle that takes it to the next level by giving us three flavor options: sweet and mild Honey Butter, strong and spicy Sriracha, and then good ol’ Salt & Vinegar.

Of course we had to try all three immediately, and they all made us happy in different ways. The tough question is, which one made us happiest the most? We want to know which flavor will be our ultimate binge-watching snack, after all. We did a quick roundup of the team’s thoughts along with some from our friends at Preen and Nolisoli to find out exactly that. (But don’t worry, no judgement at all if you still get all three.)

“I have no affinity for spicy food but I did like the Sriracha flavor. You get used to the burning sensation and soon enough you keep craving for more.” – Renz, junior designer, Scout

“It’s so hard to choose because they are entirely different flavors. But my favorite is the Sriracha one. It can be overwhelming at first, but the flavor grows on you.” – Oliver, associate editor, Scout

“I’m a sucker for anything sweet, so Honey Butter is my winner. The flavor’s a bit funky against the natural flavor of chicken skin, but I kind of really dig it.” – Giselle, editorial assistant, Scout

“All three flavors are good—I’d buy a pack of any. However, my favorite would be Salt & Vinegar as it is the only one I can imagine myself eating the whole day without getting fed up. The flavor’s also the most ‘flexible’ for me as it can be partnered with something sweet, sour, or even another salty snack.” – Jelou, editorial assistant, Scout

Para maiba, mas gusto ko yung honey butter kahit na yung initial reaction ko is ‘Saan banda ‘to honey butter?’ :)) I just feel like I’d be able to munch on it more if the flavor wasn’t spicy like Sriracha. Based on description alone though, I think I would’ve loved Salt & Vinegar, haha.” – Pau Miranda, associate managing editor, Nolisoli

“Sriracha ’cause I’m a spicy hoe.” – Tricia Guevara, designer, Nolisoli

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“If I were to rank the flavors, Salt & Vinegar is my number one, followed by Sriracha, and then Honey Butter. I like the sour kick that the vinegar flavor provides and I feel like it’s the most obvious choice for something so crunch and sinful. Ugh, now I want more.” – Jacque de Borja, Editor-in-chief,

“Sriracha packs a punch (maybe overwhelming for some). I think the spiciness rounds up the flavor of the chicken skin overall. Salt and vinegar though is very classic. The flavor of the chicken skin shines through.” – Christian San Jose, content creator, Nolisoli

“Salt & Vinegar. It’s a classic chip flavor so you can’t really go wrong with it. Although, there were some pieces that could’ve used more flavoring. I always think, the more salt the better. Overall, I couldn’t put the bag down but I had to stop at one point. I can imagine myself eating a bag of these at home on my bed while binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race or on the beach admiring the sunset with a glass of iced tea.” Tisha Ramirez, content creator,

The final tally is in and it was a close call, but Sriracha came out as our office’s top pick with four votes! Salt & Vinegar got three, and Honey Butter got two. Still, if you were here at the office watching everyone grab a piece and munch thoughtfully, and then grab another piece, and another, and another… Well, you’d know that we had a real hard time. You know what, just scrap the votes and get all three for only P195 each at a 7-11 near you. The true winner is all of us, because we’ve all become blessed with the glorious wonders of flavored chicken skin.



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