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We’re sick of misogyny and you should be, too


I’m not a girl—not yet a woman. Kidding aside, even if I am not a girl, I am sick of hearing and reading misogynistic remarks everywhere. It’s not just about the rampant slut-shaming on social media, but even our government officials commit such blunders regularly. It’s as if there are forces out there trying to make this evil thing the new normal. But let’s not allow that to happen.

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So, as we celebrate International Women’s Day tomorrow, let us join women in their fight against misogyny. Grrrl Gang Manila is holding an event called Tama Na, Sulong Kababaihan at La Madre Filipina in Luneta tomorrow, 4 p.m. In their announcement on Instagram, Grrrl Gang encourages interested women to wear white or violet. “Also, alongside your placards, we encourage you to bring a flower (preferably a jumbo one) to represent the imagery of our vaginas to reclaim the power of women too often reduced to body parts,” their post reads.

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Here’s how to make a giant flower out of crepe paper:

For those who are interested to join the event, send Grrrl Gang Manila a DM. And while we’re at it, let’s celebrate women not just on International Women’s Day but every second of every day. That’s how we end misogyny.



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