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Here’s how to not be a couch potato this summer

Here’s how to not be a couch potato this summer

Two philosophers once said that the annual problem of our generation is finding a good way to spend summer. Yes, I’m talking about Phineas and Ferb. And they did have a point. Summer is two whole months of freedom, so why not build a rocket, fight a mummy, or climb up the Eiffel Tower?

Well okay, logistics-wise, their antics might not be the best option. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up a few activities that are just as fun and still very much feasible for us regular, 3D folk.

Go hiking

Wherever you are in the country, there’s probably a mountain within reasonable driving distance near you. Why not set that 4 a.m. alarm and go hike that bad boy? It allows you to get cardio, have some bonding time with your hiking buddies, and get the sweet satisfaction of reaching the peak and savoring the sweet, ‘gram-able view.

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Plan a stargazing night

Summer is the perfect time to sit back and stargaze. It takes minimal planning, there’s no rain, and best of all, there’s no charge. All you need is a clear view of the night sky and maybe even some beers. If you want to take it up at notch, plan a beach trip around it to get away from the light pollution of the city. You could also try your hand at astrophotography and pick up a new hobby on the way.

Go on a photo walk

Sean Penn is right: The most beautiful things are ones you just stumble upon. That’s why photo walks are a great way to  capture the often-overlooked beauty that nature has to offer. What’s also great about photo walks is that it’s a three-in-one—you get to breathe the fresh air and walk in the sunshine, flex your photography skills, and experience the moment.

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Learn how to make your own ice cream

Global warming has us tropical country dwellers sweating like pigs two minutes after getting out of a cold shower. Cooling down with a bowl of ice cream can help us survive this 31-degree weather, and what would be more fun is if you could customize your flavor by making it from scratch. All you need is some cream, milk, and your key flavor. Milo ice cream, anyone?

Start an herb garden

Sunlight? Check. Water? Check. Cute little pots? Check. Congratulations, you’re ready to grow a little herb garden! Herbs are pretty low-maintenance, so you can start there for beginners and maybe turn that black thumb into a green one. It’s an added bonus that they smell nice and that you can cook with them. Grow some mint and you can throw that into your D.I.Y. ice cream for a little full circle moment.

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Hold a garage sale

Now this one’s going to get you money, give you more closet space, and most importantly, make your mother very, very happy. Triple win, am I right? Garage sales are especially better in the summer because, well, you can actually have it in your garage while there’s no impending rain troubling your mind.

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