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Pornhub made bee porn to save bees

Pornhub is tickling more and more of our desires. This includes our kink for environmental awareness.

In a report by Creative Review, Pornhub launched #BeeSexual, a campaign that stands with the belief that everyone has the right to have sex—including bees. WTF, right?

The porn site wants to raise awareness on the decreasing number of bees. That, and they want to point out that bees having sex equates to Mother Nature’s survival.  So of course, the clear answer is “funny kinky nature porn.”

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The #BeeSexual channel is narrated by some of the most popular porn stars in the world, and “satirises popular porn tropes and is rich with bee-inspired innuendo, which will undoubtedly make you chuckle or, you never know, turn you on,” reads the report of Creative Review.

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The initiative is a part of Pornhub Cares. The company continues to align itself with many social advocacies and maintains social outreach programs.

So I guess, save the bees? Jack off to bee porn? What a time to be alive.

Still from The Bee Movie


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