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It’s 2019 and Tamagotchis are a thing again


Are we sure it’s 2019? ‘Cause Tamagotchi is hitting the toy shelves again.

Bandai announced that our dream toy from the ’90s will get a modern twist. Adding WiFi capabilities, Tamagotchi On has some new and exciting features. We still get to raise our “Tama” from birth to adulthood. But from Hypebae’s piece, the new features includes players linking up to go to dates, travel together, and get hitched. They can have children too, so we can get unlimited pets. How fun! How stressful! We’re in!

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Tamagotchi On will be released in North America this July 28. It will come in “Fairy Pink,” “Fairy Blue,” “Magic Purple” and “Magic Green.” It’ll be up for grabs on  Target, Urban Outfitters and Amazon.

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