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‘All That’ is back with the Jonas Brothers as their guest stars

Pinch me, I must be back in grade school. Nickelodeon’s All That is back and all brand new on TeenNick! And they’re not making a comeback alone, they’re taking the Jonas Brothers with them.

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The new All That will premiere this June 15. And by the looks of the teaser, it’s looking really, really good. It gave Millenials and Gen Z kids the Disney/Nick crossover of their dreams—the Jonas Brothers x All That.

As Entertainment Weekly reported, members of the original cast Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, and Kel Mitchell, are coming back to the show. They say that the old cast will “pass the torch” to the next cast in their first episode. That, and the Jonas Brothers will premiere their latest single “Sucker.”

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All That is the shit during the early 2000s During the Golden Age of TeenNick, this show introduced sketch comedy and what humor can be to the kids of 2000s. They have iconic sketches such as Sugar and Coffee, Good Burger, and Know Your Stars.

Hope this means the Jonas Brothers will do Know Your Stars. We’re not a big fan of that sketch and made a parody of it. Pfft, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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