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4 local collection drops we’re loving right now


Plip, plip, ploop, plip—it’s officially rainy season. But Mother Nature isn’t the only one making it rain. Recently, our fave clothing brands dropped their latest collections. Some have strong statements, while others let their visions run wild. All of them undeniably sick.

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See how these latest collections affect you. May it inspire your new wardrobe.

Plastic Honeymoon’s Neutropia

Plastic Honeymoon’s debut collection has been due for two years. Still, they proved that it’s better late than never. This clothing brand takes inspiration from neutropia’s definition, a balance between utopia and dystopia—also known as Earth’s current state.

Their collection is a tongue-in-cheek contradiction. Hues of purple, orange, yellow, red, and green serve as their palette. Yet, themes of illustrations on the clothes run dark. They made a huge statement for a rather strong debut.

Nobody’s There’s NO Collection

There's No ManifestoThere is no good or bad, only perceptionThere is no perfect form, only survivalThere is no…

Posted by Nobody on Friday, June 14, 2019

Nobody is a brand big on manifestos. But this time, there’s nobody there. No huge statement, no simple either-or choices, just a study on neutrality’s comfort. The collection deconstructs the role of ego in a man’s life. In “There’s NO Collection,” the act of stunting can take a hike.

Like what their shirts say: We’re all just trying to get by, just like everybody. Leave the idea of the perfect form behind. An ideology made ready-to-wear by a bunch of nobodies.

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EPISODE’S Pride Pack’s drop is just in time for Pride March. But if we’re being honest, it’s a statement we would love to wear all year round. The collection’s all in monochrome except for their multicolored logo.

At the back of their clothing, the text reads: “Take pride in who you truly are.” It’s a simple yet powerful sentence we all need to hear every now and then.

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Randolf’s Destination Zero

RJ Santos is truly our leader of the new cool. In his latest collection with Randolf, he deconstructs a youthful tradition—prom. It’s fun, it’s messy and unpredictable. These qualities burst out of the clothes’ seams. With his play on texture and structure, “Destination Zero” solidifies a height of our coming-of-age.

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