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What if the KFC bucket hat is actually a washable bucket?

What if the KFC bucket hat is actually a washable bucket?

When 2019 started, KFC dropped a new release. Nope, I’m not talking about an odd food offering like Chaco and Double Down. The food chain released a scented candle that smells and looks just like the famous gravy. And now, we think KFC is really up to something. The food chain just released a bucket hat that looks just like, well, a KFC bucket minus fried chicken.

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KFC Russia collaborated with streetwear brand Mam Cupy for this handsome bucket hat. In the video that accompanies the release, KFC and Mam Cupy go a little philosophical. While models don the bucket hat, a voiceover asks questions about the bucket hat’s being. Is it a bucket? Or is it a hat? If it’s a hat, how can it be a bucket? These questions remain unanswered. But yeah, we like it.

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to fly to Russia to get your hands on this bucket hat. You can get it on Mam Cupy’s website for 1,800 rubles or P1,459. We can put it on our heads. Or maybe we can use it as washable bucket. Why not, right?

Also, what’s up, KFC Philippines? How do we top this game-changer?

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Header image courtesy of KFC Russia x Mam Cupy



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