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Shantay you slay: Our fave RuPaul’s Drag Race fashion looks

Shantay you slay: Our fave RuPaul’s Drag Race fashion looks

Since the last RuPaul’s Drag Race season wrapped last May, it feels weird not having a new one three seconds right after it. As all Drag Race fans know, Mama Ru has been generous with the content the past few years. Even if we wanted to or not, our fan brains are already wired to speculate about the new upcoming seasons.

If we could make our own All Stars season, what would a legendary runway episode look like? One with all our absolute faves stomping it out on the catwalk with their best outfit, maybe? We just had to list down some of our all-time fave Drag Race looks. 

Aquaria’s Inner Saboteur

Us Drag Race fans have all been praying for a winners’ All Stars season, and one winner we most definitely would like to see more of is Aquaria. Miss thing has it all down—the lipsync battles, the looks, the comedy, and most importantly, the It Factor. I mean, her inner saboteur alone already looks this gorgeous. Oh, what I would give to see her live and be hit by her mega-long lucha libre braid. 

Violet Chachki’s Season 8 finale look


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gown collaboration with @houseofcanney. prosthetics by @gagemunster. Jewels by Nova Starr

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Remember that majestic extraterrestrial gown?? If that’s what Area 51 has, we are ready to fly out immediately to break those fabulous, tiny-waisted aliens out! I almost felt sad to watch her give up her crown. Almost. But we can forgive it since her successor is a force to be reckoned with as well.

Sasha Velour’s Season 9 roses Ruveal

I get so emotional, baby, everytime I rewatch that lip sync battle. Sasha officially became the mother of all wig reveals when she lifted her wig, arms shaking, and rose petals rained down on her. And even without the gimmick, her mesmerizing, avant garde outfits are always already top-tier.

Raja’s Marie Antoinette

Make way for the OG catwalk queen. Raja and her long, long legs won the season because of two things: Her ability to carry any outfit and her unique, signature high-fashion-meets-punk style. Case in point: Her Marie Antoinette runway. We love that she subverted the traditionally Caucasian look and made it her own. We bow down to thee, Raja. (P.S. Please don’t read us over the screencap. The pre-HD days were a dark time.)

Naomi Smalls’ finale gown


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An All Star. Shot by: @adamouahmane Photo artist: @mostlyjune_ Graphic: @gaygarb Wearing: @theladyhyde @michaelbrambila @natacodiva

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That netting! That wide brimmed hat! That shade of purple! I would like to live in between those poofy layers, please. Miss Naomi truly lives up to her supermodel namesake. We need more of her and her freakishly bendy lip syncs.

Kim Chi’s cat runway


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Feline like pussy, feline like yeti. Also $3000 HOLLA Wig styled by @wigsandgrace

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The Cats film better watch its back! Kim Chi could have been the Grizabella we deserve. Well okay, she can’t sing or dance. Scratch that—she could have been the Cats costume designer we deserve. This look is just one of her many whimsical, half-cosplay-half-couture looks that stamped her in Drag Race Herstory as a fashion queen.

Shea Coulee’s construction worker lewk

If Shea is creating a YMCA, we’d like to send in our applications please. So long as we get to wear her billowing, plaid train as our everyday uniform. Shea is an underrated fashion queen, and she deserves more time to shine on the Main Stage!

Miss Fame’s Death Becomes Her

Ah, the designer darling of drag. Miss Fame drips high fashion from head to toe. Who knew getting stabbed in the head would look this chic? We’re not surprised that her faux blood is made up of shimmering crystals; it’s probably true to life. 

Manila Luzon’s period dress


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Ru said my ORIGINAL Curves & Swerves Runway look was in “bad taste” and production told me to wear my back up. I was really looking forward to wearing this gown that I think celebrates a perfectly normal human experience! Many of my fans are young women who may feel pressured by society to be embarrassed by periods. It’s empowering to teach young women about their bodies, encourage them to celebrate them AND to question people who tell them not to! My goal with this look was to normalize menstruation by looking sick’ning even if I was on my period! Instead, i decided to wear the beautiful quilted dress you saw in the episode because it is not my show, it’s Ru’s. But because of Ru, I have my very own platform to speak for myself and show you all my interpretation! ❤️ my Period Gown is by @theladyhyde

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This is not some racial bias, okay. Miss Manila was talented from the get go. Ever since she debuted that Big Bird dress, she let all the other Drag girls know that no one can do comical yet elegant camp like her. Sadly, this look wasn’t aired because it was “bad taste.” PSA: Period blood is absolutely 100 percent normal, y’all! Respect to Manila for pointing that out.



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