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Nadine Lustre’s live-action portrayal of Wave looks a lot like this


Want to know what Nadine Lustre in MCU will look like? Ask this 3D artist from Dumaguete. 

Xteve Abanto is an illustrator/animator who’s a massive Marvel fan. Recently, he’s been making all sorts of fanart on Pearl Pangan a.k.a Wave from Marvel’s War of Realms: New Agents of Atlas, from illustrations to even action figures. But what caught our attention is his 19-second clip of Nadine Lustre as Wave. 

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Four months ago, Mico Suayan’s exclusive variant cover of Wave was based on Nadine Lustre’s face. It caught the attention of Marvel and Nadine fans. And at one point, people are hoping for Nadine Lustre to get a foot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like we said before, an MCU adaptation is premature. But who isn’t curious to see what that would look like?

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Xteve Abanto made our fancast a reality.

In this fan animation, we see Wave standing by Philippine shores, firm stance while gazing above. It might be a short clip, but it’s enough to see why people want Nadine for a possible adaptation.

So knock knock Marvel, here’s our pitch for an Agents of Atlas TV series. Time to come through!

Still from Xteve Abanto



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