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Catch Calix, Ourselves the Elves, and more in this farmer benefit gig


Defend Negros and Stop the Attacks Network are hosting an important benefit gig this Aug. 10. To shed light on the plight of Negrense farmers and advocates, they created Bulig: A Benefit Gig, a night of great performances and a way to educate ourselves on what’s happening in Negros.

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Catch acts like rapper/activist Calix, four-piece garage/folk band Ourselves the Elves, folk musician Shirebound and Busking, and many more musicians to get the night going. They will also take donations during the event, proceeds will go to the people of Negros, especially farming and peasant communities.

As of this writing, 69 activists in Negros have died under the Duterte regime. Many others have been detained and much more have had their individual and collective rights violated,” the event page description of Bulig reads. If that isn’t enough of an indication why we need to take action, then what else will?

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Activism doesn’t only come in forms of protests and hashtag rallies, it can also come from a get-together like this. Take time to enjoy the music from your favorite bands and musicians, but keep an open mind and learn why taking a stand is more important than ever.

Feel free to RSVP here.

Photography by Mac Jayson Villaluna



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