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Davao-based brand REVERE’s latest drop is all about introspection


In our hectic daily grind, we tend to not check up on ourselves. The hustle remains a priority. Everything else, especially us, comes second or not at all. No time to think and reflect at all. 

Well, REVERE’S latest collection reminds us that that’s bullshit.

The Davao-based brand REVERE dropped “Being” at the start of October. In this collection, creative director French Andico looks into Mindanaoan mountains for inspiration. His recent hikes composed of immersing himself in nature and contemplating philosophical works. As he trekked and climbed on, he turned to Eastern and Western philosophers like Martin Heidegger, Carl Jung, Zhou Dunyi, and Lao Tzu.

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“Up on the mountains, you can sit and think about what you just went through—using your might to climb, restoring your strength in stillness, there and back again—the yin and the yang and how the interaction between man and nature is the source of reality and actual existence,” the brand’s press statement reads.



Don’t get REVERE wrong. They don’t want you to neglect responsibilities, go far away from the city, and climb actual mountains you aren’t prepared for (not unless you’re down for that). What they do want us to remember is that we need a spiritual massage. “[It’s] a time when we can sit back and touch the uncanny strangeness of everything.”

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In their latest collection, we can expect four shirts by Criminal Hoarde, a stunning Coach jacket with “Calm the fuck down” written at the back, and the brand’s first excursion neck wallet, as well as its first pair of pilgrimage sandals from their collaboration with outdoor brand Tro-peak.

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REVERE often goes philosophical in their collections. In their previous releases, they talked about the war against self. With “Being,” they continue this war by awakening our subconscious. This can only happen by confronting matters we fear and avoid the most, starting with our innermost thoughts. 

The folks from REVERE aren’t writing philosophy books just yet. For now, our curiosity can be satiated by their latest drop. REVERE’s collection is available at their website and Case Study Atelier at BGC starting this Oct. 19.

Check out their lookbook below:

Photos from REVERE the Risen




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