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Joji and Jackson Wang’s latest music video is pretty adorable


88rising’s Joji and Got7’s Jackson Wang dropped their new music video last weekend. Fresh from 88rising’s latest collaborative album “Head In The Clouds II,” “Walking” is the album’s first single to get a visual. And it is 88rising’s nerdiest (and cutest) MV to date.

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Set in a fictional cardboard town, the Japanese R&B star wreaks havoc as a mutant amphipod, not a lobster (as Joji reminds us through his tweet). The billionaire superhero of Wang Town, you guessed it, Jackson Wang saves the townsfolk by turning a building into a giant robot to defeat amphipod Joji. 

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It’s for misunderstood monsters, handsome billionaires with nerdy pasts, and unlikely bromances the world needs more of. 

Watch the music video below: 



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