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Head out to Yeo Kaa’s new exhibit this weekend

Head out to Yeo Kaa’s new exhibit this weekend

Wyd on Saturday? Get ready to jump into another dimension, because Scout Creative Talks alumnus and visual artist Yeo Kaa is inviting all of us to check out her new exhibit. 

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Her upcoming collection “Yes, Master! Yes, Master! Yes, Master!” will open on Nov. 9 at Blanc Gallery in Katipunan, Quezon City. Expect some music to complement your viewing experience, courtesy of Manila Animal and MUII. 

We have no idea what to expect of Yeo Kaa’s new collection just yet, but knowing her candy-colored dystopian art, “Yes, Master! Yes, Master! Yes, Master!” might be another fascinating round of thought-provoking and challenging pieces. If the themes are anything like those in her past exhibits, then we can expect her new art  to tackle subjects that challenge societal norms and question power and authority. After all, art that disturbs the comfortable is what we need today. And whenever we need anyone to speak up, Yeo Kaa’s vibrant palettes can do the job.

Art by Cathy Dizon

Photography by Renz Mart Reyes



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