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Justin Bieber Is The Most Streamed Artist By Filipinos

Justin Bieber Is The Most Streamed Artist By Filipinos

If you needed any more convincing that Justin Bieber is in perhaps the early-to-mid-’00s-Justin Timberlake phase of his career at the moment (output-wise, not gossip-wise) here’s another fact to back it up: he is the most streamed artist in the Philippines right now, and possibly ever.

That’s according to Spotify Philippines, who recently checked in with us about how they’ve been doing lately. And it shouldn’t come as much surprise to anyone, considering how ubiquitous all of his singles from the new album have become since they’ve come out—and how much his hardcore fans still stand by his older stuff. (I mean, how many “Love Yourself” covers have you heard by now?) Artists looking to figure out how to break out should take some notes from him.


However, the top-streamed track here is none of Bieber’s—that honor strangely goes to Little Mix and Jason Derulo’s “Secret Love Song.” Nope, not even Charlie Puth.

On top of that, they report that we’ve become voracious users of Spotify—we’ve actually managed to stream over 2.7 billion songs over the past year and 29.6 billion minutes since they’ve launched here, and you know those numbers is growing exponentially as you read this. How is that possible? Simple: more people just have access to the service now that they’ve made it much easier to get it (and get Premium while they’re at it, too).

If you’re also really curious, it should come as no surprise to know that the Top Hits, OPM Favorites, and #Hugot playlists are the most streamed playlists here, out of 200,000 and counting user-created sets. Fans of local indie music would also be delighted to know, if you haven’t yet, that particular area is slowly and steadily being repped more and more; we’ve found bands and acts like Cheats, Tom’s Story, Jensen and the Flips, Curtismith, BP Valenzuela, tide/edit, and a lot more on it.

At least, there’s something for everyone. You may now resume your Justin Bieber discography soundtrip.

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