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Here are six tips to help you impress on your first date


And maybe help you get a second one

You had your very own meet cute, hit it off pretty well, and managed to take them on a first date. The follow-through challenge: keeping them interested enough to get you a second date—and a third and so on. That sounds like a tall order, but don’t worry. We’ve studied the method and the madness and figured out how to hack the first date.


 1. Be real, stay cool

Aim for a long, back-and-forth conversation, instead of just a series of questions. Being honest about yourself will show your date that you’re comfortable in your own skin. Also, remember to keep the reactions genuine. If you have to act and fake your reactions, then the date doesn’t deserve a repeat performance. While there’s no right way to act during the first date, faking it is not the way to go.


2. Be open

If you have the guilty pleasure of listening to ASMR videos (mood), don’t be afraid to talk about it. Be open and vulnerable. This will encourage your date to open up to you. Don’t be afraid to talk about your love of science fiction, or cheesy rom coms—you might even find some things in common. 

There’s no need to try so hard. Someone who really likes you will like you for who you are, not because you got straight As in school or have a job that pays well.


3. Pay attention

Listen up: The purpose of a first date is to get to know each other better, not to emphasize how great you are. Make sure to listen carefully to what your date is saying. Ask follow-up questions or have them describe their perfect day. Not only will you get to know them better, you’ll get to squeeze some interesting facts out of them, too.


4. Go beyond Netflix & chill, get creative

Before the date, resist the urge to check their Facebook or IG profiles. You can find out about the interesting parts of their life by, you know, actually talking to them.

Don’t hesitate to go beyond the usual dinner or movie dates. If they’re more of an art person, take them to an art museum or conventions. If they love the outdoors, try go-karting or geocaching. Pro-tip: Exercise releases endorphins, which trigger happy feelings.


5. End the date on a high

Initiating a text conversation after the date is quite nerve-racking. Trust us, we’ve been there, too. But you can keep it lowkey by just letting them know that you had fun with them. You can also give some subtle hints that you’d love to go out with them again, but only if you’re on the same page.

More than anything, remember to keep your cool: Stop overanalyzing, don’t go text crazy, and keep things light and easy. (Chill bro, you might scare them away!)


6. Be confident, but know when to sit tf down

Nothing makes you more attractive than appearing chill and confident. Some people need help in that department, though. Up your confidence by paying attention to your grooming and hygiene. If you have to dig deeper into your wardrobe, then do it—control the urge to wear the same band shirt twice and put on a scent that’ll remind her of you, like Axe Ice Chill Bodyspray, giving you that minty fresh scent, so you can be the most attractive you. Add a cool accessory that best represents you.

 ‘Cause you know, you’re hotter when you’re chill.





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