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‘Hello, I’m Fine’ is Jigo Viriña and Mariamaria’s new EP about, well, not being fine

‘Hello, I’m Fine’ is Jigo Viriña and Mariamaria’s new EP about, well, not being fine

For the experienced small-talker, saying you’re fine is the easiest response to the inevitable question, “How are you?” It offers a quick escape from such a loaded question—but what would a sincere answer to it sound like?

This is the subject matter of electro-R&B musicians Jigo Viriña and Mariamaria’s first collab EP, “Hello, I’m Fine”. The five-track record reveals the inner turmoil of a mind that’s, well, not really okay. 

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The EP explores the good and the bad of a mind trying to hide behind the catchall term, fine. In “Pleasant Parties”, Mariamaria lays her lead vocals over Jigo’s scornful, swirling beats punctuated by punchy bass. “If you don’t talk to me now then when? / How will I know if I’ll see you again?” the two sing in unison, as if it was a somber midnight thought that won’t stop running through their heads.

On the other end of the spectrum, “Maria In Love” is a bright, flowing track made through the eyes of an infatuated lover. “On a lonely afternoon, it’s you I adore,” she croons over Jigo’s beats, reminiscent of sweet honey on a summer day.

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“Hello, I’m Fine” is an amalgamation of confessional lyrics coupled with gauzy, wet synths—just like a heavy mind filled with unspoken thoughts. Sung, maybe, but never spoken.

The EP is out now on all digital stores. Listen to “Hello, I’m Fine” below:



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