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We’re getting a ‘Twin Peaks’ VR before this year ends

We’re getting a ‘Twin Peaks’ VR before this year ends

Hey “Twin Peaks” fans, have you heard? Your favorite TV show is brewing up a little something something. It’s called “Twin Peaks VR.”

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Photo from Dazed

Released last Dec. 6, the trailer of David Lynch’s iconic surrealist crime drama gives the player a full-fledged journey—starting at the Ghostwood’s Glastonbury Grove, of course. From there you’ll be transported to The Red Room to catch a glimpse of the white horse. You could also  explore are The Fireman’s Home by the Sea, the purple room, the glass box in New York, and more. Get your brains and guts in sync, because the goal of this online quest is to escape the Red Room and head back to reality.

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Now, how long do we need to wait before we see everything unfold? According to Dazed, the game—produced by Collider Games and Showtime—will drop before this year ends. Well, it’ll surely be worth the wait, since the VR experience will tour us through both the original series and the 2017 reboot. 

Watch the trailer here:


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