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We’re getting a Jesus Christ simulator on Steam soon

We’re getting a Jesus Christ simulator on Steam soon

Good news for people who want to experience being crucified, haunted by Satan himself, and have the omnipotent God as your Father: there’s an upcoming simulator game for that.

“I Am Jesus Christ” takes you through the Bible’s New Testament from the point of view of the Messiah himself. You’ll be performing miracles like calming storms, multiplying fish and going through the not-as-fun Passion of Christ.

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The game is produced by Polish gaming company PlayWay. On the upcoming game’s Steam page, the listed key features of the simulator include over 30 miracles, getting the power of the Holy Spirit, and experiencing a “realistic fight” with Satan. We don’t know if we should be impressed, concerned or frightened.

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No details yet on when the game’s release is, but you can take a peek at the gameplay in the official trailer below:

Still from the “I Am Jesus Christ” Steam page


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