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‘Happy Ending’ is a gender-inclusive, erotic card game for the hoe in you


We all love card games and sexual freedom. Who knew we’ll get both through Happy Ending? It’s the brainchild of our favorite pervert Darling Kink, game designer Birdie Silva, artist Elbert Or, and designer Arlene Sy. It’s an erotic card game full of sexual tension and an exercise in strong willpower.

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“In Happy Ending, you and other players must work together as a single team to help a horny ghost (the Hornygeist) move on from this world, by letting it experience its earthly erotic desires through a series of personal requests,” explains Birdie Salva. “You all win if you complete the Hornygeist’s requests—on the flipside, you all lose if anyone in your group starts making out without being instructed. So really, it’s a test of restraint and willpower!”

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There are other erotic card games out there. But Happy Ending is quite special for being humorous and tasteful; for a self-proclaimed ero game, it wasn’t creepy or vulgar. “Checking online, most adult games lacked mechanics that interested me—a lot were simply focused on getting players to have sex as quickly as possible,” says Salva. Where was the tension, the seduction? There was no fun in that.”

Playing Happy Ending is not about fucking right away. There are plenty of ways to build sexual tension and arousal between partners. On top of that, this game is all about consent, gender-inclusivity, and is in no way forceful or aggressive. Think of it as an inclusive independent porn site of erotic card games, not Brazzers at all.

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“Couples found the game a great way to spice up their relationship,” Salva shares. “In a few instances, friends even used the game as an activity during bridal showers. (Were people turned on? Definitely.)”

This game can be played by anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re exclusive or inclusive, single or taken. A player of Happy Ending just needs to be as open as possible. And in a country where sexual promiscuity is frowned upon, creating this gender-inclusive erotic card game is a huge power move as an artist. 

Happy Ending is available at The first batch of the game ships out this Dec. 2019. 



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