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4 holiday traditions we grew up with and can’t escape from


Now that the holidays are right around the corner, you’re probably starting to come up with a solid game plan on how to avoid family traditions you’ve been roped into since you were, I don’t know, five. You can try to avoid them by shopping for presents a month prior to avoid the holiday rush, busy yourself with school or work so you can decline your friend’s party invitation, or stay at your dorm until Christmas Eve just so you can skip pre-holiday family reunions.

But there are some things that are simply unavoidable every freakin’ year—though honestly, the holidays wouldn’t really be the same without them.

Immortality of “sa may bahay ang aming bati”

Imagine this scenario: You’re peacefully watching random cat videos on YouTube when suddenly, a bunch of kids sing (more like shout) this infamous song in front of your home as if it’s the only Christmas song to ever exist. Congratulations, you’re officially entering the holiday season!

Decades of singing the song and they still can’t get the lyrics right. But admit it or not, you always find these kids endearing. You secretly wait every night for the familiar sound of the improvised tambol and look forward to giving the carolers change or candy.

The not-so-secret Secret Santa

One of the most dreaded activities this season is probably the gift-shopping. Imagine the stress that comes with having to please the relative you have to play Secret Santa for. And it wouldn’t even stay a secret for long because the minute your cousins picked their person, they would immediately run around and announce it to the whole room. (Way to keep a secret, Mary Ann!)

You might be wondering: Why the heck would you need exchange gifts when y’all are family? But hey, think about it: Because of  Secret Santa, you aren’t obligated to buy a mountain of gifts for the whole clan! Plus, it would really be entertaining to watch your titas (and titos) whining about how they didn’t get what they wrote on the wish list. Well…go off, I guess.

Never-ending picture-taking

“There’s no such thing as too many photos!” is everyone’s slogan this holiday season. From the gigantic lechon on the table to your cousin eating grapes while on their phone, your relatives will most likely capture it (probably on their tablets). It can be annoying, but it’s always something to talk and laugh about years later.

Cakes, cakes, and more cakes

If there’s one thing that can never go missing in your holiday feast, it’s cakes. We bet you always complain about how it’s always cake for dessert, but start looking for it when it’s not on the table. Don’t even try to deny.


Check it: There are novelty cakes made just for your holiday reunion needs. If you’re feeling extra, go for a Christmas Wreath Cake—rich chocolate fudge covered in white icing and topped with chocolate flowers. You can also try Vanilla Christmas Roll, if you’re looking for something classic *wiggles eyebrows*. Or get some Christmas Greeting Cakes which come in three flavors: chocolate, marble, and mocha, if you wanna answer your nosy tita’s questions in a creative way, get those “Yes, I’m still single” and “I graduate next year” cakes ready. They’re all available in Goldilocks as limited-edition holiday cakes, available until December 25 only. Buy now at your favorite Goldilocks store or have it delivered to your home. Call 8888-1-999 or order at (for Metro Manila and Rizal areas only).

While we pretend to hate all of these traditions during the holiday season, it won’t hurt to admit that holidays aren’t complete without them.


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