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Seth Rogen is producing a movie about a killer meme

While memes are known to cause chaos at one point or another, they don’t usually lead to murderous rampages. For comic book series “Memetic,” the plot is exactly that—and now, Seth Rogen is bringing it to the big screen.

Written by James Tynion IV and illustrated by Eryk Donovan and Adam Guzowski, “Memetic” follows viral online sensation Good Time Sloth, a meme that triggers violent rage once viewed—think Will Ferrell’s brainwashing in “Zoolander,” or riots à la “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” As is the case for most heroic tales, the psychedelic sloth meme affects all except one. Colorblind college student Aaron finds himself immune to the hypnotic image, as he sets out to find his boyfriend among the post-apocalyptic (and post-meme) mess.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate and Seth Rogen’s production company, Point Grey Pictures, are in final negotiations to acquire the rights for the comic series’ adaptation. Joining Seth on the “Memetic” movie team is “The Batman” co-writer Mattson Tomlin. In addition to “Memetic,” Tomlin is also adapting the Rick Remender comic, “Fear Agent.”

Killer memes? Seth Rogen? Looks like a match made in apocalyptic heaven. While “Memetic” has yet to announce a release date, expect us to line up for this one.

Still from “Long Shot”


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