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Yep, ‘Rick and Morty’ donuts are being sold in Krispy Kreme

Yep, ‘Rick and Morty’ donuts are being sold in Krispy Kreme

While they’re off gallivanting around universes—with the MCU among the list—Rick and Morty have infiltrated another ’verse that pulls us in like a blackhole, spending mindless hours in one spot. We’re talking about Krispy Kreme.

Unveiled recently, the donut giant has debuted “Rick and Morty”-themed treats, including three new donut flavors: the lemon-flavored Pickle Rick (sorry, no actual pickles here), Simple Rick’s Water Cookie, Strawberry Smiggles, as well as the exclusive drink, the Fleeb Juice Shake made from raspberry and blue heaven flavors.

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As of now, these “Rick and Morty” desserts slash snacks are only sold in Australian Krispy Kreme branches starting Mar. 16—cue boos from the rest of us not from down under. But it’s not too late to hitch a ride on a space cruiser, because sometimes, you just really want a donut.

Photo from Krispy Kreme


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