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Calling all animators, this seminar wants you to know your rights


Filipino animators are talented AF. Unfortunately, their basic rights are neglected by a lot of animation companies, local and outsourced. Case and point: animator Raf de las Alas getting fired for asking proper compensation from his former employer last year. 

The sad part is this isn’t the first or last time it happened to animators. So what can, veterans and aspirants, from the industry do? Fight back and know their rights as creatives. 

On Feb. 29, Philippine Animation Workers Association is holding a seminar called Huwag Mag Pa-abuso. This free legal training seminar wants to equip and teach the day-to-day creative worker their Basic Rights. Learn and ask about the following: basic wages, overtime, and other burning questions that you may have. 

“Ask and learn everything you want to know to our partner lawyers and paralegals from Defend Jobs Philippines,” their Facebook caption reads. “Find out what your company owes you as a working professional, whether you’re an employee, freelancer, trainee or project-based.”

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Last year, Raf’s claims sparked local animators to start a thread about their personal experiences. Twitter user @NegiKitsu tweeted: “Reminder that animators in the Philippines are badly treated and severely underpaid.” The Nextshark article, who wrote about Raf’s situation, reminded its readers that even though Raf’s former employer released a statement on how they value their employees, they also failed to acknowledge the animator’s claims about being paid below minimum wage. Help yourself and your fellow animators to stop this clownery of abuse. To join, you can DM them through their Facebook page.

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