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Break your monotonous class sched with these unconventional courses

For college students, classes are a mixed bag filled with terror profs and mandatory 8 a.m. lectures. With “Hunger Games”-esque enlistments coupled with a need to get that damn diploma already, chances are you’ll end up stuck with the most humdrum of classes. But you could hit the academic jackpot—especially with these interesting courses (plus one program) offered by local universities.


This take on the thriving world of eSports is more than just a class—it’s a whole degree. However, don’t expect 101s on “League of Legends” strategies. For students of the Lyceum of the Philippines University Manila, Bachelor of Science in eSports takes you to the nitty-gritty of the gaming industry. Prospective students can choose between two tracks, with eSports management dealing with the business side of things—like being a team manager and an eSports agent—and the design development track that trains aspiring testers and engineers.

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“Harry Potter”

Okay, so your owl got lost crossing two oceans and your Hogwarts acceptance letter is seven years late, but this might be a decent alternative. The famous “Harry Potter” elective of De La Salle University is as hard to catch as a snitch, but it’s worth it for Potterheads. Students will be sorted into houses and expected to know the Wizarding World from inside out. If you’re into other fandoms, literature electives are aplenty—there’s “Game of Thrones,” “Sherlock Holmes” and a crash course on Broadway (yes, there will be musical performances involved).

Striptease Aerobics, Scuba Diving and more

University of the Philippines Diliman is home to an unconventional course catalog when it comes to P.E. classes. You can take your pick with striptease aerobics, bird watching, scuba diving or belly dancing—so no, you don’t have to resort to your run of the mill high school sports again.

Fitness Walking

Speaking of a different sort of physical education, the subject of walking is a road less traveled. Walking is a science, just as these educators express—learn the know-how of putting one foot in front of the other with a syllabus that covers foot care and proper equipment, which culminates into an out-of-town hike.

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Food Trip

While the course title sounds like an excuse to gorge yourself for a grade, don’t take this GE course lightly—Food Trip students will learn the basics of food science and nutrition, with a little insight on what UP students take for lunch. With all that grub in your mind, you can treat yourself to an after school special (read: an actual food trip).

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