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Sugar, FOB’s peak emo-era MVs are down on Youtube

What the actual fuck is going on? Well apparently, mid-00s emo icons Fall Out Boy removed their legacy music video off on Youtube this week. The band didn’t post anything about the removal nor passed it off as someone hacking their accounts. 

There can only be two possibilities: It’s either they said ‘thnks fr th mmrs’ to their old emo/pop-punk lives or our Fall Out Dads are cooking up something big. 

Majority of the music videos removed are from their “From Under the Cork Tree” album. This is the album that skyrocketed their mainstream fame. So yes, it’s goodbye for now to “A Little Less Sixteen Candles,” “Dance, Dance,” and more nostalgia-induced visuals. Fans took notice of its disappearance when Youtube’s video unavailable message greeted them, instead of Pete Wentz’s mid-00s sidebangs. 

One theory that cropped up was that Fall Out Boy is probably prepping up for “From Under the Cork Tree’s” 15th anniversary. A Reddit user theorized our Fall Out Dads might be remastering these videos for our viewing pleasure. To soothe your messy guyliner tears, there’s an empty playlist on their Youtube account called: “Remastered FOB Vids.”

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Think of this as a little less fifteen candles, a little more thank you to us from Fall Out Boy. At least, we can still watch “Thnks fr th mmrs” on Youtube. Why was Kim K. kissing Pete Wentz again?

Still from Dance, Dance


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