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BEDSPACER’s new Closet Party series will make you dance at home

Here’s a pick-me-up after the gloomy week: BEDSPACER has started a new music series to make us dance anywhere we are.

The series is called Closet Party, and will be a string of fun mini-mixes by the producer. Each released mix will also feature an assortment of “cute singles” in the form of lovely humanoids, which is hella adorable if you ask us. 

Volume one of the series is called “Eleanor”, a 17-minute mix that’ll make you move your feet (I know I did). Eleanor the cute single, on the other hand, loves partying with her girls. She’s also interested in someone who can keep up with her on the dance floor. Check out artist Mich Cervantes’ (a.k.a. BEDSPACER) Eleanor scenario below:

“…she is so tall and you are so small, and you bump into one of her disc things. What even are those? You don’t ask,” says the caption. “She thinks it’s cute. Maybe she’ll call you back, bro!”

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The series can be found on the artist’s SoundCloud. But if you can’t wait, take a listen here:

Photo from Closet Party Vol. 1 cover art


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