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9 ‘unproductive’ hobbies you can try at home

9 ‘unproductive’ hobbies you can try at home

So, you’re currently having some existential questions. What were my hobbies outside of work? Are data caps on my internet connection really just arbitrary? Is my job even real?

We feel you. That’s why we want to help you rediscover some personal interests that aren’t made “for the hustle” or to make profit out of, like what capitalism has made us believe. We don’t always have to function for money. We’re human, and we have the right to enjoy things just for the sake of it.

To start you off on your journey, here are nine hobbies to try just for the fun of it.

Make playlists

Making playlists can be a fun waste of time if you’re really into music. The best part about it is you have the option of flexing your creations after, too. Make one for yourself or someone you care about. Maybe even make one for someone you hate. Get creative with making hyper specific playlists, like one for taking a sad shower in the middle of the night. (Yes, I’m okay.) The possibilities are endless.

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Learn magic tricks

Nowadays, a lot of magicians or illusionists are happy to share their secrets to the world, which is lucky for us. YouTube will be your best friend for this one. Learning the easy ones, like making a coin disappear or finding your friend’s card from a deck, can be a party trick to have in your back pocket. Plus, you’ll finally have an answer to the dreaded “What’s your secret talent?” question.

Try origami

If you used to be one of those pro paper Crush Gear creators in your elementary school days, you might want to relive some of that paper folding action. Origami is a Japanese cultural art form where you fold squares of paper to transform it into a figure. It can be a calming experience, and a rewarding one if you want to start your own handmade origami collection.

Make music

There are literally thousands of free tutorials on any instrument online, from your grandparent’s old harmonica to your sibling’s unused guitar. Go on a YouTube tutorial binge and learn an instrument. Don’t have an instrument, you say? These days, you don’t even need a physical one to make music. Right now, digital synths like these Moog and Korg apps are free to download, so let let loose and maybe get cracking on that SoundCloud career.

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Stretch for flexibility

We spend so much time seated in front of screens, but we always forget to stretch (I know I do). Why not try to ease that back pain with some regular stretching exercises? You can go the yoga route and throw in some meditation, too. It’ll help your blood flow, increase your flexibility, and possibly put you in a better mood by the end of it. Who knows, by the end of the quarantine, maybe you can add death drops to your repertoire.

Review movies and shows

I know, I know. I love just mindlessly watching anything on Netflix too. But if you come across a movie or a series that has you up at night thinking about it, why not try doing a full-on review? A site like Letterboxd can be your starting point, and it’ll help you make sense of your thoughts after a particularly riveting episode of “Euphoria” or “The Circle”—whatever floats your boat. It can also help develop your vocabulary in the long run, or maybe connect with a fellow “Joker” hater.

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Study tarot cards

Being able to predict the future would be such a handy power. Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to do that yet, but reading tarot cards is an entertaining way to try. Again, there are YouTube tutorials and Reddit forums on how to work on your tarot reading skills. In The Sun card we trust.

Get back to reading

A groundbreaking suggestion, I know. But there are some people out there who forget that reading is still a viable hobby in the age of video streaming. Work on that Big Bad Wolf haul. Read some online fanfics, if you’re into that. Enjoy an academic paper. Go hands-free and listen to an audiobook. If you don’t have a book handy, you can go to Scribd right now and use their library of books.

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Build a digital world

For those with a rich imagination, this might be a hobby worth your while. Use your giant ideas and build entire worlds in your spare time. You can go old school with Minecraft (of which the OG 2009 version is absolutely free to download) or try a more realistic creation through The Sims.

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