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McDo releases P500M COVID-19 response fund for employees and frontliners because it’s what they deserve


The real heroes throughout the entire COVID-19 pandemic are the frontline workers, specifically those in the service and health industries. But one of the biggest issues these frontliners face is the lack of consistent funding and support from the government. You’d think a pandemic would finally shake them into using their “political will” for proper crisis management, but yeaaah no.

It has reached a point where the private sector has decided to step in, and rightfully so, to protect their employees and the people working hard to keep the pandemic at bay. McDonald’s announced that they will be releasing a P500M COVID-19 response fund that will give support to McDo crew and COVID-19 frontliners. Bless.

The fund will be used to pay the salaries of workers who cannot come in, premium pay packages of the workers that choose to do so and complete sanitation kits, which include face masks, vitamins and alcohol. As for our frontliners, McDo pledges to donate food to “medical healthworkers, LGU workers, NGO volunteers, and the marginalized sector who are challenged to have food access during this time.”

See their full statement below.



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