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You’re invited to the first virtual Met Gala, hosted by High Fashion Twitter


The cancelation of this year’s Met Gala is another night gone by without one of Rihanna’s most iconic looks. While we aren’t getting fashion’s biggest night IRL this time around, folks on the internet have come up with a solution: a virtual edition.

Thanks to the social media subculture community High Fashion Twitter (or HF Twitter, as it’s most commonly known), the online event serves as the balm in the Katy Perry burger-shaped hole Met Gala left us. Just as the original event, Met Gala’s unofficial digital edition will take place on May 4.

“Although this year’s official Met Gala has been indefinitely postponed, the HFTwit Met staff would like to announce that the High Fashion Twitter Met Gala will still be happening on the first Monday in May!” HF Twitter’s Met Gala states. “Given the anxiety and stress that the COVID-19 outbreak is causing, we believe that continuing to move ahead with the HFTwit Met Gala is the right choice. Hopefully, this event will serve as a little spot of joy and unity for this amazing community.”

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Plus, here’s the upside: With no velvet ropes to hinder guests, anyone is free to participate. HF Twitter has posted a series of challenges, including photoset creation, brand challenge, wardrobe styling and illustration expression. Keeping with the About Time theme, participants can share pictures of themselves wearing their assembled outfit.

“The High Fashion Twitter Met seeks to allow fashion enthusiasts from around the world to share and express their unique creative visions without real world inhibitions,” a post on HF Twitter reads. Going as far back as 2015, HF Twitter has some of fashion’s most esteemed writers following their page. Rest assured, we’ve got our eyes on this one.

Screenshot from Vogue’s “Camp!”



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