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The Naked Brothers Band is having a reunion show after a decade

The Naked Brothers Band is having a reunion show after a decade

What does a weekend afternoon in the late 2000s remind you of? As for many Nickelodeon fans, it was about following a teen band and their otherwordly antics in a hella crazy mockumentary.

Of course, this rings no other bell than musical comedy series “The Naked Brothers Band.” So if you’re like me who’s been keeping tabs for a possible reunion, good news: The cast members are playing for us again.

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On the joint Instagram page of sibling duo Nat Wolff (lead singer-songwriter, keyboardist) and Alex Wolff (drums), it was announced that The Naked Brothers Band will be having a live reunion show on YouTube. This is a ”first time in over a decade,” the brothers wrote, paired with one of the photos included in their sophomore album.

This news was followed by two more posts from the brothers, adding #NBBReunion2020 and an invite to stream the Wolff brothers’ half-hour concert on MTV. Aside from gaining iconic roles in films, the two continued their musical career after their Nickelodeon stint, coupled with casual IG live shows from time to time.

Can’t wait to feel like its 2007 again? Well, get hyped, because even Nat and Alex’s co-star (and cousin) Jesse Draper expressed her excitement online, with a photo of the band during the 2007 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. Netflix, if you’re reading this, you know what to do.

On an Instagram story, the brothers also asked for our song recos, cueing us to whip out that well-kept album. Here’s to hoping they won’t skip “Crazy Car,” “Face in the Hall” and the show’s theme song “If That’s Not Love.” Empty swimming pool concerts? That’s our freaking fantasy.

Still from “If That’s Not Love”


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