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The 1975 x MCR? Matty Healy would like to see it


The 1975’s Matty Healy is truly just like us. A 30-something former emo kid who just wants their father to take them to the city, so they can see a marching band. 

In a BBC Radio One segment, a fan asked The 1975 frontman if he will be down for a collab with My Chemical Romance. He answered first by sharing that he was one of the lucky few who snagged a ticket to their UK reunion tour.

“Now I’m going to that show,” says Matt. He also joked that he finds it offensive that Gerard Way is coming to take backMatt’s his emo crown. “I’m not too happy about him coming back for his emo lord crown once I’ve announced myself as quite overtly being that. He’s going to come back and try and claim it, isn’t he?”

After his joke that might send a legion of rabid MCR fans his way, he answered the fan’s question on a possible collab with the alt rock band. “I love My Chemical Romance. I don’t think we’d ever collab, but I don’t see why not,” answers Matt. 

ICYMI, the legends of mid-2000s alt-rock came back last Dec. 20, which started their worldwide reunion tour. Starting with North America, My Chemical Romance began releasing tour dates every now and then. This year was supposed to be the start of their European tour. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their comeback tour had to take a backseat.

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I’m pretty sure there’s a Venn diagram where The 1975 fanbase and MCRmy meet in the middle. Who knows? Maybe it’s a song collab or Matt’s band opening for their London tour.

It all boils down to this—are we ready to see these two bands under one project?

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Still from The 1975’s “Sincerity Is Scary”



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