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5 low-maintenance beauty tips for lazy girls

5 low-maintenance beauty tips for lazy girls

I’d like to tell myself that I know my way around beauty, skincare, and makeup, even just a little bit. And though I love watching tutorials and looking at different products trending in the beauty market, I understand my makeup can never be as #onfleek (do people still say that these days?) as the girls and guys of Instagram or Youtube. Why?

I’m a lazy bitch.

By lazy, I mean low maintenance. I hate putting on too much shit on my face or spending more than 15 minutes doing my makeup. I love testing out different highlighters but I have no idea how to use them without looking like a walking disco ball. Eyeshadows are pretty, but blending takes 5ever for me and I have the coloring skills of a 7-year-old. Neverending skincare routines? I’d rather wear a sleeping mask to bed with 0% fuss. Don’t get me wrong–props to the people who have enough patience for skincare and makeup. I salute all of you and your flawless brows.

I’m sure there are girls who feel the same way, so here I am with five tips to look like a cute and presentable human being without all the intense prep. Where my lazy girls at?

1. Know your facial assets


When buying makeup, it’s important to learn which of your facial features are more prominent. If you’re the type who doesn’t like putting on too much (like me), best highlight the parts that you’re most proud of. Got striking eyes? Invest in colorful eyeshadows or a good eyeliner. Have cheekbones sharp enough to kill? A little contour powder wouldn’t hurt to put. You’d be surprised how much of a difference it’d make despite not wearing much product. For someone low maintenance, less is more.

2. Concealer will save us all


Aside from eyebrow products, one product that I think every girl should have is a good concealer. I don’t like using foundation or BB cream, so what I do is just use my concealer to lighten my under eyes and blot out redness or annoying spots to even out my skintone, then set with powder. I swear, it’s the one thing that’ll get you through the day without looking like a zombie. Invest in the right concealer for you! I personally use The Saem’s–it’s extremely pigmented, cheap, and barely creases.

3. All-in-one products are godsent


Multipurpose beauty stuff are practically made for those with low maintenance. One product with lots of uses–it’s fuss free! My favorites are those so-called ‘miracle waters’ that exploded in Asia, like the SK-ii essence, which is basically a water that makes your skin perfect (or almost, at least). Cheaper dupes of this are the Iope Bio Essence and Son & Park’s beauty water (the latter can be used as a cleanser too!). Etude House has a line called Play 101, which contains pencils of multiple colors that you can use for your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Holika Holika used to have their “Lazy and Easy” collection, which was sadly only available for a limited time. Basically, if the product can do a lot of things, get it!

4. Good skincare = LIFE

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I’m going to say it one more time. Skincare is LIFE. You won’t even need much makeup at all if your skin is flawless, so make sure to take good care of it! And you also don’t need a million skincare products to keep it in top shape. This is the holy trinity–cleanse, tone, and moisturize–remember them and you will be blessed with healthy skin. Plus, remember to always put on sunscreen when you go out.

5. A mask a week goes a long way


I have a few friends who have enough patience to do the 10/11-step skincare routine that’s been trending in Korea. But for me and all other lazy girls–we’re not about that life. An 11-step skincare routine will probably take more time than it does for you to shower. Now, this is where face masks come in. I love these because you just slap one on and your face will feel its results right away. If you want to pamper yourself more than usual, just put on your favorite face or sheet mask once or twice a week. You’ll be treating your skin in an easy way that doesn’t take need much maintenance.



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