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Wes Anderson’s quarantine watch list includes films from the ’30s and Spike Lee

Another day, another film recommendation from your favorite filmmaker (but hey, we’re not complaining). If you’ve exhausted the list of Guillermo del Toro and friends, as well as these eight picks, auteur Wes Anderson has a fresh selection for you, courtesy of him and his four-year-old daughter.

A recent article on The New York Times asked 23 filmmakers about their favorite Cannes memory, following this year’s cancelation. Wes Anderson was one filmmaker who was supposed to make an appearance on the red carpet, premiering his latest work “The French Dispatch.” Instead, he got another deal as his daughter’s “amateur schoolteacher,” spending his time reading books on ancient Egypt, dinosaurs, insects and the Amazon rainforest.

Aside from that riveting reading list, Anderson also shared what he and his daughter have been watching for movie nights. This includes classic flicks like George Cukor’s “What Price Hollywood?” (1932), George Steven’s “Alice Adams” (1935) and William A. Wellman’s “Nothing Sacred” (1937), as well as a menagerie of picks like John Ford’s “The Long Voyage Home” (1940), David Lean’s “The Passionate Friends” (1949) John Huston’s “Beat the Devil” (1953), Kenji Mizoguchi’s “A Story From Chikamatsu” (1954), Seth Holt’s “Station Six-Sahara” (1962), Marco Ferreri’s “La Grande Bouffe” (1973), William Richert’s “Winter Kills” (1979) and Spike Lee’s “Do the Right Thing” (1989). Phew, that kid’s growing up to become one heck of a cinephile.

While Cannes isn’t holding a physical event this year, YouTube’s hosting a virtual film fest that includes selections from the French festival and more—who knows, “The French Dispatch” might be part of it.

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