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This hair-cutting drone can either give me great hair or decapitate me

This hair-cutting drone can either give me great hair or decapitate me

Ah, drones—21st century technology’s gift to humankind. It’s useful for filmmaking, mass destruction or mass beautification at a time of social isolation. 

In 2016, the queen of shitty robots, Simone Giertz invented a haircutting drone. Her “why the fuck not” philosophy gave birth to this beautification/possible killing machine. “I was on a mission to effectivise things in the least effective way possible. Also it was 2016. Drones seemed to be the answer to everything back then,” explains Giertz in her DAZED interview.

Her YouTube video showed her experimenting with the drone. First, she attached two razors, but only managed to cut off a single strand of the mannequin’s hair. They tried attaching a massive pair of shears. Still, it was a failure. 

“It is going to be a thing in the future. I can tell in like a couple of years,” she said at the end of her video. During this pandemic, society is forced to isolate itself. Salons are closed and all we have are our shears and drones. Is the world ready for Giertz’s hair-cutting drone?

“It’s pending being patent-pending. I still feel like this could be a multi-million dollar product, so I’m hesitant to discuss the specifics of it,” she reveals. “In a bizarre turn of pandemic events, the haircutting drone might currently be safer than leaving the house to get a normal haircut.” 

Risk getting the virus or getting injured by a drone or loved one? Wow, 2020 is really a weird-ass year to be alive.

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