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Hey, ‘2gether’ fans: BrightWin loves your fan art

“2gether fans”, we learned two things today: Bright Vachirawit and Win Metawin aren’t shy about appreciating your fan art—and neither are they shy about confessing love. Nothing’s ever achieved when you don’t shoot your shot, right?

Today, Bright and Win a.k.a. BrightWin went live online courtesy of Dreamscape Entertainment to answer some Filipino fan questions. The event is in anticipation of “2gether” heading to Philippine TV, being the first of many BL series from Thai network GMMTV to be Tagalized and broadcasted on iWant. The series will air on the online streaming site starting June 28.

During the live show, we had our chance to ask Bright and Win about their favorite fan art from the interwebs, plus some tips on nailing a confession of love. Yep, just how Sarawat and Tine’s fake romance turned real. Check out our conversation below.

What’s the most creative “2gether” meme or fan art of you’ve seen online? Any favorites?

Bright: I love all the fan art that drew us as a cartoon. I like that kind of fan art.

Win: Actually, I have found one. It’s the compilation of me saying [a] rude word in Thai. But I don’t wanna say it. [laughs]

In “2gether,” Tine did everything to convince Sarawat to become his fake boyfriend. In real life, would you do the same for a person you like? 

W: I’m not gonna ask him to be my fake boyfriend if I like him. I’m gonna ask him to be my real boyfriend.

B: Yeah!

W: Because I like him.

B: Same answer as Win.

[Do] you have any tips on how to ask?

W: I’ll try to approach him. To talk to him a lot. 

BrightWin as a love team has become a worldwide hit, with their first global fan meet amassing over a billion views online. If you haven’t caught on to the hype yet, you can watch the Tagalog trailer of “2gether” below.

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