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ARMY-Pixels, rise: RM x Rina Sawayama could actually happen

BTS on their own are already a powerful force, but BTS collabs are on another level: Suga’s got back-to-back songs with IU and Max this year. J-Hope and Becky G’s “Chicken Noodle Soup” became the ARMY dance challenge. I still can’t get over BTS’ “Mic Drop” remix with legendary DJ Steve Aoki. 

And now it looks like there might be another one to join that list. Hint: Person A’s two-year-old mixtape topped the charts in over 100 countries and Person B just dropped their debut album this year.

Yeah, it’s BTS’ leader RM and Japanese-British songwriter Rina Sawayama.

In a livestream with UK magazine Heatworld, Rina revealed that she and RM actually wrote a song together, but it looks like that song has yet to see the light of day.

“We’ve actually spoken. We’ve written virtually together, which is sort of a bit top secret, but I don’t think anything happened to that song,” she said.

She even joked that maybe there’s a way to get this collab actually going. “Maybe if you guys pester him enough, he will work on it or something. I don’t know man, they’re just so busy that I’m, like, whatever it’s cool that you’re even a fan.”

Called it: Knew there was a collab in the works there ‘cause back in 2018, Rina hung out with RM during their Love Yourself Tour in London (and shouted out to BTS’ youngest member Jungkook, who was suffering from a heel injury back then and couldn’t dance at the concert).

I don’t know about you but I personally would love to see this collab happen. BTS is known for writing their own songs and having more creative direction over their music compared to many K-pop idols. 

Especially with RM, who created the masterpiece that is “mono”―the mixtape that got every ARMY bawling over “I love you Seoul” and “Moonchild, you shine.” And with an authentic and unapologetic artist like Rina, we can expect this collab to be raw and real like our faves. 

If it even leaves RM’s drafts, that is.


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