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Your fave local brands are donating to people who need it most


With the pandemic and never-ending lockdown exhausting whatever opportunities there might be for the working class, making ends meet has been the new normal. From our favorite late-night spots closing down to retail stores recalibrating for the digital landscape, we’ve all been forced into a do-or-die setup. But sadly there are no redos for some. 

For local brands and creatives, continuously churning out content for social media is now a heavier task. But with this in mind, we can’t help but stan all these brands that have been transparent with their struggle, or those that have chosen to elevate their platform for a greater cause.

Don’t get me wrong, selflessness shouldn’t come as a surprise, but while everyone is in the ‘every man or woman for themselves’ type beat, I’m sure we’d expect that they’d have a different set of priorities. But here they are, doing it more than just for profit.

So if you’re contemplating where to shop or what to cop next, see how big of an impact your next purchase can be for these brands.


Coüch, the art shop known for its unapologetic energy compressed into creative stickers, recently dropped a collection along with an array of statement tees dedicated to supporting their co-owner’s battle with cervical cancer. The shirts feature empowering graphics that carry statements like ‘strong ass pussy’ and ‘fight like a girl’ that are also meant to educate and spread awareness on cervical cancer. Girl, we’re fighting this together!


Takeout is a design initiative aimed to support restaurants and establishments during the pandemic by releasing limited-edition merchandise. Their eye catching takes on graphic tees include collaborations with stores like The Curator, El Union and Route 196. The best part? All their income is given to the restaurant staff and service workers. Talk about the perfect takeout.


The Makati-based streetwear brand that blazed the trail with their quintessential take on graphic tees just unveiled their most heartfelt shirt. The release is a collaboration with local illustrator Jethro Olba in an effort to assist him with his father’s medications. The shirt does not disappoint as we’re blasted with Jethro’s signature vibrant and wiggly take on modern abstract tied in with KLTRD’s creative storytelling, making this a cop you shouldn’t miss out on.

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