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2009’s scene hair is back, thanks to TikTok

Time to stock up on hairspray and tease your hair, former scene/emo kids. Your grade school/high school scene hair is back—and you can blame TikTok for that one.

Rawring ’20s is in full swing regardless of the pandemic fucking us over. The 2020s were supposed to be the years we’d see Hayley Williams, My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy back on tour. But Miss ’Rona had other plans yet again.

So what can we do while we mourn our mid-00s nostalgia trip? Dye our hair with Manic Panic and tease it for the gods, I guess.

“On TikTok, the subcultural hair and make-up looks are thriving, with users posting tutorials full of side-fringes, extreme backcombing, and neon coloured makeup,” reports Dazed. The hashtag #scenehair currently has over 12 million views, while #scenemakeup has amassed over 825,000 views.

Does this mean razor earrings are back? Can we wear Emily the Strange messenger bags again? Or should we stock up on “Nightmare Before Christmas” merch?

Well, we’re not entirely sure. But we can enjoy these scene TikTok makeovers while we make up our minds.

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