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This local clothing brand just put a transpacific twist on our essentials

As the lockdown forced most brands to shift to digital, buying online is now the easiest way to satisfy our retail needs. But at times, it can be as difficult as getting a tattoo on our ankle (trust me, that shit ain’t easy at all). From getting scammed out of our hard-earned moolah to securing some jawns that fit a little too tight, online shopping today is a total understatement. While these instances make us second-guess copping new threads online, there are a few brands that make every purchase feel like the best decision we’ve made since watching “Up.” One of these is MN+LA.

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MN+LA, which stands for Manila meets Los Angeles, encompasses a variety of outerwear, trousers, shirts, shorts and masks that rework our idea of basics. By mixing minimal shades and vibrant patterns into their arsenal, the five-year-old brand has been able to hit the sweet spot between timelessness and fearlessness.

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Diving into the materials, MN+LA stays true to their contemporary nature by sourcing different fabrics from different parts of the globe, even gaining access from the same factories behind the likes of Ralph Lauren. Talk about quality, ma.

As we go googly-eyed over their dedication to selecting textiles, what makes MN+LA one of the most sought after local brands is the dedication to listening to customers. By creating a transparent environment built on trust, MN+LA uses buyer feedback to continuously recalibrate and revamp their collections to better fit the community that has been supporting them since day one.

And unlike most brands that announce releases, MN+LA prefers giving their supporters a little tingle with shock drops at 11 in the evening. Why, you say? I don’t really know, but I guess it’s part of the experience. To top it all off, all their pieces just hover between P600 and P1,400, making MN+LA truly a bang for your buck.

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