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These mods will make your Chrome Dino game spicier™

These mods will make your Chrome Dino game spicier™

One upon a time, Zild Benitez played the Google Chrome Dinosaur game in a livestream with us. It was awesome mostly because of Zild but also because the Chrome Dinosaur game has been our friend in times of trouble (read: no internet connection). 

But sometimes, we reach the point of weariness after we’ve avoided the nth cactus of doom. That’s why mod developers are making the Chrome Dino game spicier for our taste with the game remix, Dino Swords.

Part cool pun and part cooler concept, Dino Swords is a project made by ideas factory MSCHF (the creators of this scream machine) and 100 Thieves (the esports organization). Instead of simply hopping over cacti as a lonely dinosaur, players can now hop over cacti as a lonely dinosaur—with added weapons.

Dino Swords’ dinosaur adds 26 weapons into its armory, making the Chrome Dino game less defensive and more of an offensive shtick. Players can now destroy cacti into smithereens as they unlock the weapons throughout their gaming progress.

100 Thieves is also adding an incentive for potential players. The top 10 high scores this week (that’s until Sep. 1, 3 a.m. Philippine Time) will be the lucky bearers of exclusive swag, including apparel, a mysterious prize, a custom name jersey and a video feature. 

Challenge accepted? Head over to the Dino Swords site to start the game.

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